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This is a WPF application. You should install .Net Framework 4.0 to run it.


What could this tool do?

  • Open a media file to start a dictation.
  • Compare your own dictation with original text.
  • Save your dictation to .dct file and restore it to continue later.
  • Save the compared result to html file

How to start dictation?

Right click the icon on the top-left, and then select Open->Open Media, open the media you want to listen.


How can I do the dictation?

Select "Dictation" tab, you can write your own dictation in the textbox while listening the media file.

You can pause and play the media at any time by pressing F7.

You can repeat the current part of media at any time by pressing F8.


How can I compare with original text?

After done dictation, please put the original text into the "Original Text" textbox, and then click "Compare By String" or "Compare By Char" button. You can see the compared result.


How can I save my result?

1. You can save your dictation to .dct format file and restore it later to continue your dictation.

2. You can also save your result to .html file.

Thanks for your participation!

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